Grenades, Mines and Boobytraps

Welcome to LEXPEV, my little place on the net filled with information on "handheld" explosives...

The website covers hand- and riflegrenades, landmines, boobytraps and demolition charges, and fuzes for all of these. Information on construction, use and function.
All ordered by 54 countries under 4 world-regions of origin.

I lost count, there are over a thousand items on this website, and more then 8000photos.
The site is maintained and updated by
me, but info came from hundreds of other collectors around the world.
And info keeps getting
added pretty slowly, since 11 years now.
Help out if you can, and provide your detailled photos, dimensions and observations.
Send them off to
my email. I speak and write Nederlands, English, Deutsch and Français. I can read Spanish only a little, and in the middle of a course Russian language...

Check the manuals section, all free PDF-downloads of Ordnance manuals.

There hasn't been much in the
updates-section for the last 6 years, I lost proper acces to add pages and renew content.
If you have something to add to this site, or if you encounter an error, please don't hesitate and
contact me.

If you have any intentions on copying info from this website, please consult.
Not all contributors to this website like their photos to be re-issued.

Some older books are out of print, and I used scanned images from these that I have. All respect goes out for the original writers/copyright owners.
If anyone feels offended by my use of a particular image, please
inform me.



In all the years this website became a very nice piece of documentation.
I got a lot of help from all around the globe from other experts, collectors and enthusiasts.
The people mentioned below helped me so many times that I lost count.
They're the best, together with the others...

Allan "spotter" Brown (UK) , Colin King (UK) , Werner Schumann (CH) , Mark Jochoms (NL) ,
Jarda Mattás (Cz) , Josip Colarić (HR) ,
François 451 (F) , Cory Skaggs (USA) ,
Ákos Boda (Hu) ,
Paul Spence (UK) , Jörgen (S) , Bernt Bosman (NL) ,
Dimitar Mitev (Bg) ,
Darryl Lynn (Can) , Miguel A.J. (Sp) , Greg (Pl) ,
Joachim (D) ,
Jhonni (Ru) , Craig (USA) , Krilan (Pl) , Dr. Ruby (USA) ,
Jon Gawne (USA) , Micha V. (D) , Gilles (F) , Frithjof Hoffmann (D) ,
Siegfreid (UK) , Francesco di Fraia (It) , Francesco Zanardi (It) , Lothar (D)
, Geert (B) and last-but-not-least Goran (HR).

Thanks for your great contribution !
I´m glad to have found you all through the www !

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BOOKS link to see some of the publications that are available.

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