Text copied from TM9-1985-2 German Explosive Ordnance 1953:

Description: This German igniter is normally used to ignite a fuze or detonator, which in turn is used to fire or ignite Tellermines, smoke candles, or prepared charges. When prepared for use, the igniter is screwed in one end of a short metal connection tube, into the opposite end of which is pressed the safety fuze or detonator. The body of the igniter is usually made of brass and contains a copper capsule closed by a copper cap. A friction pull wire passes through the capsule, which contains a friction match composition. The friction wire is tightly coiled at one end and is attached to a hook at the other end. The coiled end of the wire forms a resistance to pulling. The hook is soldered or otherwise firmly fixed into a slot in the cover. To align the splitring and the hook, and to resist rotational or other minor movements of the friction wire, the cover is deeply crimped into a recess provided in the body of the igniter. The safety split ring is secured to the body by a curved brass safety clip. A protecting cap screwed onto the threaded end of the body provides protection to the igniter when not in use.

Operation: A pull on a trip wire attached to the safety ring separates the cap and hook from the body, thus drawing the friction wire through the friction composition, which action ignites the friction composition and in turn the attached fuze or detonator.

Employment: 1-This igniter is used to set off Smoke Candle No.KS The igniter is attached by means of a cord or wire to the tank so that when the smoke candle is tossed out of the tank the igniter is fired automatically. 2-The igniter is often used as a secondary firing device for Tellermines. A prepared detonator which screwes into the base of the mine is connected to the igniter by a fuze about 2½inches long. To ignite the Tellermine, the safety ring of the igniter is pegged to the ground below the mine so that when the mine is lifted or displaced, the mine is actuated. 3- When used as the igniter for the 3-kilogram prepared charge (TNT), the igniter is fastened by means of a connecting tube to a fuzewhich is attached to the charge.

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Photo on the right shows the practice model, which looked exactly the same.
For proper identification it is marked " Üb " for " Übung ".

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