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Dutch law is quite strict concerning the possession and use of explosives, ammunitions and firearms.
Basically everything is forbidden, except fired cartridge cases and blackpowder firearms made before 1945.
Fortunately, if you can prove your serious interest and obey the specific paragraphs, autorisation is possible.
This legal autorisation I have now even protects me in a way.
No risk of losing as long as I document well, and live by the rules.

The licenses that I obtained allow me to collect hand- and riflegrenades, mines and all caliber rounds.
Handgrenades and landmines are considered "weapons" in Dutch Law, and needed an extra autorisation.

In order to get my all these licenses I became a member of the Dutch
NVBMB, part of the ECRA.
Membership of the
NVBMB was required by the Justice department so I joined up.
I never knew that there were thát much enthusiasts.

The collection I once had is partially embedded in the website.
If other contributors had better photos I used these.