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I bought my first motorcycle when I was 16. It was a Czech Jawa 350cc two-stroke from 1970 I believe.
Managed to get the engine running, but the bike was so incomplete that I never drove with it. I never took any photos. I sold the bike and searched for a more solid one.

At 17, I bought a very nice BMW R60/5 from 1972. This appeared to be a quality machine and bought an old East-German (MZ) sidecar to attach to the BMW. All worked well but I sold the bike just before I finally passed my driver-licence.

When I had my licence (after three tests...) I drove off with my freshly bought Russian Ural-sidecar combination of 1992. I had great fun with this one, especially with the sidecar in the air!
I have no idea where all my photos are.

I'm still trying to find pictures 

After a year-and-a-half I got offered to swap the Ural for a well restored Triumph TRW. This was a 1952 500cc side-valve that had been in Military use during its early years. This bike brought me everywhere from Germany to France with an occasional oil-spill. The automatic chain-oiling system made quite a mess.

While driving the Triumph, I had the chance to start some other projects. My vacations in France sometimes ended up in buying an old motorcycle or a car. I believe not all projects got finished...

A 1948 Motobécane (125cc, two-stroke) came out of a shed (see photo) where it had been stored for probably 30 years.
After unblocking the piston, the bike seemed too much work to restore and it went on to the next enthusiast.

The bike shown below was a Peugeot P110 (220cc) from 1929.
Left on the background again my dear TRW.
The Peugeot already had the engine restored, but all the other parts were without paint.
Together with my dad we repainted the bike and assembled it completely.

MZ 125cc 1963

Last old bike that I had was a 1963 East-German MZ 125 ES. This is a two-stroke bike with fixed headlight and front shields against cold and rain.
When I bought it , I still had the Triumph, but drove some with this too. I decided to replace some parts as it needed maintenance, but it ended up taken to parts for the last 4 years.
Rebuild it , after moving to where we live now, but never got it going fully.

Another Bike...

And there I was, walking on a flea-market when I noticed a GSX400E among the barbie-dolls and boxes of old magazines...

How much? Bought this nice bike for almost nothing and after putting in a new alternator, it goes like hell.
I never really liked Japanese bikes, but this Suzuki does the job.