This "Gorazde" A/P mine must not be confused with the Gorazde A/T mine.

I found this text about this A/P mine:

`Gorazde' is a pressure-operated Anti-Personnel (AP) mine named after the town where it was first discovered and is thought to have been manufactured. The mine has a plastic outer casing which is pointed at the base and has a broad flange at the top. A plastic plunger fits into the hollow body from the top, retained by a force-fitted plastic collar. The explosive charge in the top of the plunger is a `spit-back' detonator assembly of the type used in Russian Anti-Tank (AT) submunitions: this is a very small shaped charge, pointing upwards. Beneath the plunger is a spring-loaded striker made from aluminium: this is retained by a ball-bearing held in a notch at the base of the plunger. A safety pin runs through the mine body and plunger to prevent any movement until the mine is armed. The mine is matt black.

Weight: 120 g , Explosive weight: 5 g
Operating pressure: 10-15 kg
Diameter: 58 mm
Height: 115 mm

Used in: Bosnia, Croatia
Manufacturer: Locally manufactured

This mine seems to be copied from the British
C-3 (Elsie) A/P-mine.

Sead came with the following information:
It seems that the explosive charge on this mine is actually the detonator which was produced for GPV-2 piezo-electric fuse.
This fuse is used on M69 (for tank T55) and BK-3 (for T12 AT cannon) 100mm HEAT shells.
The detonator itself was produced pre-war in Pobjeda Goražde factory and when the war started they used the remaining stocks to produce AP mines.
Contents is
5 gram of tetryl and PETN.

US EOD cd-rom identification: