This smoke/teargas grenade was marked as "training" with a painted yellow ring on the body of the grenade, but it was live and filled with live chemical agent CS-1. The plastic transport can for this grenade also has this yellow ring taped on its centre.
It was produced in the factory TRAJAL in the city of Kruševac.
This grenade is smoke type and CS-1 is mixed with smoke pyrotechnical mass, so after activation, it burns and transforms into irritant gas.
Body of the grenade is made of thin steel, has 3 holes drilled on its upper part and 1 hole on its bottom. Holes are shut with duct-tape which burns after activation and relases irritant gas from the body of the grenade.
Fuze is the same as on
M75, but instead of explosive detonator, it has just pyrotechnical 3-4second delay, which ignites the main filling.

Total length : 148mm
Diameter : 57mm
Weight : 450gram
Filling : 105gram CS-1 and smoke mixture
Fuze delay : 3-4 seconds

Information thanks to Goran.

Each grenade was issued in a plastic container as shown on the right and below.

Photos © Goran.