The photos below © Igor

They were both used during ww2, but it's unknown where these were manufactered.

These two particular grenades were carried by the 17. Vzhodnobosanska divizija (17th East-Bosnian division).

The type with the round-going indent has been drawn before.
The Handgranaten-atlas, by Dietmar Schmidt-Tapkens, documented this as a Bulgarian grenade, which seems to be a mistake.
On the right you see the drawing of this grenade. SF - SN in Cyrillic on the safety cap.

*Igor came with a documented fact that SF-SN stands for " Smrt Fašizmu - Svobodo Narodu ".
This was an official salute used by the Yugoslav Partisans and means " Death for Fascists - Liberty for People ".
This saying was used during and shortly after ww2, even in paperwork.

The grenade with the smooth body got identified by Ivica.
It is the Former Yugoslav
M45, click the link to see info.