This early stickgrenade was made of a thin cilindrical body with a fragmented ring. It had an impact fuze in the top.
A 91cm long cloth tail was fixed to the stick, which unwrapped during flight.

Length 406mm,
Weight 765gram including 117gram Lyddite or TNT.

Photo © Paul Spence.

* In 1917 the model was altered by shortening the stick to 216mm and fixing 4 cloth tails.
The filling was reduced to 85gram (Ammonal). It was called Mk2.
The Mk3 was even more simplified and had a fragmented ring in 2 parts.
Eventually this type was renamed "No.18".

The pictures below are property of Siegfreid, and show the No.1 Mk3, manufactered between 1908 and 1916.

Below : drill version of the No.1

Photos ©