The Offensive No.3 was manufactered in the US and shipped to the KNIL in 1941 and 1942.
This grenade was very similar to the US Mk3.
At the same time this No3 was used, the KNIL also had US-Mk2 grenades in stock.

Length w/o fuze : 111mm
Diameter : 61mm
Empty weight :
Filling :
Fuze : Tijdbuis No.3

Used by the Dutch-East-Indies Army only (KNIL).

The paper label gives instruction on how to use the grenade.

It translates as follows :

1. take cork out

2. push timefuze No.3 into the hole

3. hold the grenade in hollow hand and secure the safety spoon

4. use the other hand to pull the split pin

5. throw grenade