First development of pistol grenades started somewhere in the 1930's.
Before this, only star, multistar and parachute -flares existed for the Flare pistol.

The lists below show the result of what the factories came up with.
It seems that not many of these survived the war, as they are not much seen.
If you have any, please
send a photo for the website.

Grenades for the normal flare gun :

Wurfkörper 358 LP

Wurfkörper 361 LP

Sprenggranatpatrone LP m/Zt.Z

Wurfgranatpatrone 326 LP

Panzerwurfkörper 42 LP


Grenades for the Kampfpistole "Z" :

Sprenggranatpatrone Z

Nebelgranatpatrone Z

FallschirmLeuchtgranatpatrone Z

FallschirmSignalgranatpatrone Z

Nachrichtengranatpatrone Z

Deutgranatpatrone Z

A lot of info came from the German publication "Deutsche Nahkampfmittel bis 1945". Check the link to see this and other books.