Description copied from Bulletin#59 german hand- & riflegrenades, Mar.7 1944 :

Data: Total weight: 1lb. 14oz., Overall length: 14inches, Ignition: B.B.39, Delay N4 ignition tube: 7seconds, Filling: (HC) Berger mixture zinc & hexachlorethane, Color: Olive drab, Markings: White band 8" wide around the center of handle and lettering Nb.Hgr.39 stencilled in white around the body above a broken white band.

Description: This grenade closely resembles the H.E. stick grenade 24 in external form an size. However, instead of the H.E. filling this grenade is filled with a Berger smoke mixture. There are eight holes in the base of the head through which the smoke escapes. The handle has three horizontal corrugations at the screw cap end to assist in differentation by touch.

Operation: Insert the friction igniter into the handle and then place the open end of the flash cap into the recess in the top of the friction igniter, finally screwing the head onto the handle. Then, by removing the screw cap and pulling the igniter, the delay is ignited and the grenade may be thrown.Smoke is emitted for two minutes. Because of the short duration of the smoke, this grenade is used where accuracy in placing a small screen is most important, such as screening machine gun nests and pillboxes.

Filling of the Mod.39:
420 - 445gram Hexachlorethane-Aluminium 80/20

Filling of the Mod.39B:
Hexachlorethane-Zinc 47/53

Brennzünder 39, Nebel :

The BZ39Nb was used on the Nb.Hgr39, instead of the BZ24 or BZ39.

It was slightly different from the BZ39 which was used on the HE-stickgrenade.
The threaded adapter that screwed into the grenade body had holes drilled around the side to relief the pressure upon igniting. Without these holes, the fuze-well could burst.

Below: BZ39Nb photo © Miguel A.J.

At the end of the war, grenades were also issued without a stick, but had an adapter to fit the egg grenade fuze. 3 adapters are known: aluminium, steel and bakelite. I have seen the bakelite adapter in a manual explaining it's use, but only together with this Smoke-Stickgrenade. My guess is that it could also be used with the HE-stickgrenade. (The bakelite version shown below is a resin-copy, not an original)

Sketch from manual: