This fuze consists of three pieces: the clamp top, the body, and the detonator assembly.
It is normally assembled at the place of use.
The fuze has been widely used by the Soviets for initiating trip wire operated mines and charges of all kinds, both on land and in water.

Normally, the fuze is set to function by pulling on the pull-ring, but it may be also equipped with a rod projecting from the clamp top so that it will function by lateral pressure on the rod.
After the safety pin is removed, the clamp top holds the spring driven striker under tension.
Lateral pressure or axial pull on the clamp pulls the claw-like base from the ball shaped end of the striker, releasing it and firing the detonator.
A "C" ring clamp is provided to facilitate fastening the fuze to a wall, stake, or sapling.

Length: 76mm , diameter: 15mm.
Lateral operating force: 1.25 - 1.6 kg
Axial pull: 3.6 - 6.4 kg
Metal fuze body.

Photo © B. Bosman.