Non-Electric blasting caps No.8 :

The Soviets have six various models of No.8 non-electric blasting caps.
These caps can be built into
MD-2 detonators by attaching a percussion cap with a threaded adapter.
Another expedient which can be accomplished is conversion to electrical caps by crimping an electric fuze to the cap.
These caps are issued in quantities of 100 per carton.

model:  primer charge:   base charge:  material of shell:  length:  diameter: 
GRT 8M  Mercury fulminate  Tetryl  copper  47mm  7mm  
GRT 8G  Mercury fulminate  Tetryl  Cardboard  52mm  7mm 
TAT 8A  TNRS lead azide  Tetryl  Aluminium  47mm  7mm 
TAT 8G  TNRS lead azide  Tetryl  Cardboard  52mm  7mm 
TAG 8A  TNRS lead azide  Hexogen  Aluminium  47mm  7mm 
TAG 8G  TNRS lead azide  Hexogen  Cardboard  52mm  7mm 

Electric blasting caps :

The Soviet instantanious electric blasting cap has an electric fuze housed in a non-electric blasting cap and is assembled at the factory as a single unit.
Normally these caps have the iridio-platinum bridge, but they have been found with a constant or reduced sensitivity type bridge.
A current of at least 0.5 amperes is needed to fire the constant bridge.
The instantaneous cap can be identified by red-tipped ends.

The delayed action electric blasting cap is similar to the instantaneous type, except that it has a small capsule of slow burning powder between the fuse and the blasting cap. The delay cap is identified by a label fixed to the detonator wires.

Length: 50mm , diameter: 6mm.
- iridio-platinum: 1.0 to 2 ohms
- constantan: 1.5 to 2.25 ohms

The 3 photos below and the one above © B. Bosman.

The left one is a live detonator, the two on the right are practice models.
The paper label above is for the practice model.


Electric detonator adapter :

The electric adapter (fig. 1) is a metal sleeve with a cork stopper in the end to keep foreign matter out.
To use the adapter a
No. 8 non-electric blasting cap is inserted into the adapter (fig. 2 and 3) and is secured by a water-proofing sealing compound (fig. 4).
The adapter which has two electric lead wires and functions in the same manner as the
No.8 electric blasting cap.

Length: 40mm , diameter: 7mm.