Housed in a bakelite body, this clockwork timer would fit almost any german mine or demolition charge.
Apparently these fuzes were designed to fit a chemical (toxic) charge, but these were never issued.
If someone knows this story, please help.

A small key was fitted in the screwcap under a thin cover. The clockwork had to be taken out, safety pushed "on" and wind-up with the key provided. When the clockwork was reinserted and the cover screwed on again, the timer would start automatically. After 5 minutes the firing pin (on a metal frame) was released and fired the primer in the base.


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The three links above are .AVI clips that show the clockwork running. The mechanism gets fired in each clip.

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The two clockworks below are slightly different in manufactering.
Both are in the "fired" position.

I bought 2 of these some time ago (brand new, perfect condition) and noticed they're not really five minutes, but a little less. They also fail often when they're at their point of firing (sping weakened by age?). When moved after failing to fire they're really unreliable...
These mechanism are easy to wind-up and re-cock again, but ofcourse not intended for multiple use.

The two photos below © Siegfreid.