Text and drawings copied from TM9-1985-2 German Explosive ordnance 1953 :

Model B :

Description: This type is similar to the larger type (DZ35(A)) except for two short pins, guide, and guide spacer. The pins have the same function as the steel balls in the preceeding description. The guide and guide spacer combined replace the longer guide found in the larger type. The pressure required to operate this igniter is much less than is required to operate the large type igniter.

Operation: This igniter is armed by first removing the safety pin nut and then withdrawing the safety pin. Pressure on the pressure cap forces the cylindrical plunger downward against the resistance of the pressure spring. The locking pins are then forced outward into the lower open space, releasing the striker. The striker, driven by the striker spring, sets off the percussion cap.

Employment: Used to fire prepared charges of the type where pressure, as from vehicles, can be readily applied. It is also used extensively in boobytraps.

Photos J-Mi.