This F10A (white) grenade fuze has a delay of 1,5 seconds.
It's fitted with a black powder "inflammator" from SAE ALSETEX.
Used to initiate all the recent tear gas grenades like GLI, CM3, 4 & 6, GM2L, G1 (ALSETEX) or PLMP 7B (Nobel sport) and some flash-bang types (ALSETEX).

The F10A exists also in brown plastic (delay 2,5 sec) to initiate the coloured smoke grenades "
F5 type"

A second brown plastic fuze type is the F14A (2,5 sec) for the same smoke grenades but with a non-ejectable lever (supposed for aircrafts ground wind signaling and protection of inlets of motors and helicopters turbines).

The yellow coloured F10A fuze has a zero-seconds delay.
It is only are usable on SAE ALSETEX police grenades having an internal body short delay. These are :
- Screening smoke FAR (SAE 940)
- Tear gas, bang and concussion GLI model F4 (SAE 810)

Info and photo © Pascal.


The fuze shown below should be an F10 as well, can anyone provide info.
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