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Anti-lift fuze.
Length: 54mm , diameter top: 45mm/ diameter base: 28mm.

This fuze is a pressure-release anti removal device designed to fit into the fuze well of the anti-tank mine PT Mi . K II.
This mine was made from 1955 and outdated in CS army in 1961. Stock of this mines were sold mainly to African states.
Pressure release of about 2 kg activates the Ro-3 mechanism.

Information thanks to Tomáš.

Photos © M. Jochoms.

The label on the box tells the following: 4 pieces, RO-3-CV (practice), JPW ( Poličské strojírny after 1950) serie: 6 - 51 ( 6th serie made in 1951 ) Severografia Nový Bor 1413-8 (printery of label)

This fuze is also described it the manual "minyarozneconace1961.pdf [433706 KB] ", click link to download.


Photos below © B. Bosman.