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This is another thing that interests me, spring-operated cameras.
I have ten 8mm cameras in my collection , and one 16mm.
Really funny mechanisms...
You can send 'em over if you want!

See the pictures below and click to enlarge. Or don't, and surf along...

8mm Revere Model 40
The revere camera co. Chicago
Serial # 98132

8mm Bell & Howell
made in USA
Serial # BE-85764

16mm Victor Cine Camera. Model 3 Pat's Pending
Davenport, Iowa, U.S.A serial# 5513

8mm Keystone 27 Capri
Made in USA Boston24, Mass.
Serial# 26679

8mm Eumig
Made in Austria Pat.reg.
Serial# 652490

8mm Univex Cine Camera Model A8
Made in U.S.A Universal Camera Corporation New York
No Serial#

8mm Paillard-Bolex C8
Serial# 460867

8mm Ciné-Kodak Eight, Model25
Made in U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Co.
Rochester, N.Y.
Serial# 61147

8mm Bell & Howell Two Twenty
Serial# B 74044

8mm CINEKON eight
Serial# 21798

8mm Quarz
Made in USSR
Serial# 6402361

8mm Quarz M
Made in USSR
Serial# 6530544

8mm Sankyo movimat
Serial# 47042